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Any lowlife, unclean, and underperforming scholar, probably criminal and reprobate, particularly those that live near Tripps Run. Known to be ignorant jerks and assholes.
"That dirtball Caldwell is an asshole! "
"Yea what a geef"
#asshole #fucker #mook #geef #dumbass
by Chris Hoover June 30, 2006
A thing, a whatsit, a widget -- a thing with an otherwise unknown name in Richmond Virgina parlance. The origins are unclear although there is a Jahnke Rd. in Southside. Rhymes with yank.
"That jahnke on the bike that shifts gears doesn't work, it's acting stupid."
#janke #thingamajig #thingy #dealy #whatsit
by Chris Hoover January 17, 2006
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