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When karma gets you, this is what you are. Play on "caramelized," which is the exposure of certain sugars to high heat; suggests getting burned. The righting of a cosmic wrong; when karma extracts payment for your being an asshole.
I screwed people over all my life, and now I find myself in a terible predicament. I've been karmalized.
by Chris Goldrup June 24, 2008
To be physically abusive; i.e., to abruise. Seems to be a malaprop, or caused by a speech impediment, a combination of the word "abusive" and "bruise." I heard someone say it on the "Jerry Springer Show" today, and then his mother said the exact same word later on when she came out.
"He gets abruisive when he drinks; he kicked her in the stomach, and she was five months pregnant!"
by Chris Goldrup December 25, 2007
Akin to "anti-climactic;" when one anticipates an event will be rife with drama, but said event unfolds without the drama.
I thought for sure Juanita would kill me when the lie detector said I had cheated on her with her sister, but she was uncharacteristically subdued, since the paternity test proved that our baby was by another man--the whole thing was strangely anti-dramatic.
by Chris Goldrup August 18, 2010

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