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An okish band far over rated and with a similar average fan age of Busted. Other then the fact that people speak about them like they are so original and far overate the bands looks they don't suck too much. Ok...so they can be considered emo (OMG he said mcr are emo when they're not, yes, they have quite emotional lyrics and are not helped by the fact that many of their fans label themselves as emo) They do actually have their moments lyrically and overall. But as for Gerard being the sexiest man in the world or MCR being the best band ever i think you people who believe that need to red pill.
Guy: "i'm not that much of a my chemical romance fan, they're ok but y'know not my thing"
girl: but they are the best band EVER!!! OMG what i wouldn't do to Gerard.
Guy: isn't he like married?
*girl cries*
*guy resists temptation to slap girl*
by Chris Boz December 05, 2007
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