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The act of patronizing a person. When one is in the act of patronizing another person or when being patonizing or condescending to someone. When one is actually being or acting in a condescending manner, usually apparent due to the attitude and speech of the person in the act of patronizing,the person in the process of talking down to or belittling another or acting superior to others.
Matthew has been so patronitical lately. Yet he has no grounds to behave in such a patonitical manner. He is no better than you or I.
by Chris Bice April 02, 2005
Someone who is easily patronized or who makes themselves an easy target or patronizing remarks or condescending retorts. SOmeone who makes themselves a target for patronizing or condescending behavior from others. A person who makes it easy for others to treat them in a patronitical manner.
Poor Tre-Tre, he just does not realize how patronable he really is. He constantly sets himself up for the patronitical remarks and behavior of so many people.
by Chris Bice April 02, 2005

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