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A slut with good business sense and financial responsibility.
"That slut just asked me to pay her for last night!"
"Hey man, chill out and show some respect - that's a whore!"
"Oh, I didn't even realize... Now I feel bad."
by Chris (the sexy one) February 06, 2009
The intestinal apocalypse that occurs approximately twelve hours after drinking a copious amount of beer. The image and sound of this event is typically considered similar to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Spill and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, respectively.
Andrew won the Case Race last night, and now he's taking a beer dump I'm my bathroom - on the bright side, I probably have enough time to go stock up on bleach and paper towels!
by Chris (the sexy one) June 23, 2010
A command used to keep people from complaining.
Seth: Dude, Will just landed on my fractured wrist from an eight foot fall!
Chris: Quidjabidjin and walk it off.


Chris: Dude, a fifteen pound metal bar just fell and broke my ribs!
Seth: Go get some water and quidjabidjin.
by Chris (the sexy one) January 07, 2009
No worries.
Joey: Where should I take my girlfriend to dinner tonight?
Jake: Just chill and figure it out when she gets here man - seriously, cumminnerbutt.
by Chris (the sexy one) December 11, 2010
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