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Menial wages earned through acts of prostitution.
"That woman has sex for money. Not even that much money, either. Maybe Dorito Money, but certainly not enough for a bus ticket."

Kiersten: "You got any cash?"
Collin: "Nah, all I got is my Dorito Money."
by Chris "Your Hero" Mock January 03, 2011
Any elongated blunt instrument used to beat common sense into one's uninformed counterpart. At times, a schwackum stick can be a doppleganger for a golf club, baseball bat, tree limb, shillelagh, or sawed-off pool cue.
One day, while driving down the road one bright, country day we see a cow in the middle of the road. We honked, it didn't move. So we reached in the back for what we call our schwackum sticks and we schwacked that cow back to the field where it belonged.
by Chris "Your Hero" Mock November 14, 2010
Long, usually denim shorts worn by urban miscreants in the southern US that resemble the female "non-pants" known as capris. The desired effect is to look like a child who raided his father's drawers. See also: Hoodlum High-waters
Did you see that reprobate in the gangster capris?
by Chris "Your Hero" Mock August 18, 2011

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