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the act of placing your legs behind your head and having someone lick the inside of your ass.
requieming r0x my s0x.
by Chris January 21, 2005
An annoying "musical" genre that I don't listen to, it usually consists of electronical beats, beeps, and all this other crap. It all sounds relatively similar and gets repetitive after 30 seconds, you can't even dance to this. The only person who can make me listen to trance is Ayumi Hamasaki, and even her trance remixes aren't that great.
Trance is nothing short of crap.
by Chris March 15, 2005
20 ounce of weed or dub of weed
got a 20 bag shorty better blaze dat shyt
by chris March 07, 2005
Overrated J-metal band that dress like women. Way too overdone. One of the better known in America for some odd reason. As bad as Nu-metal.
'OMG! Dir en grey is like the best Japanese metal band, they are so hardcore.
by Chris March 15, 2005
of dirty south origin, to go hard in the paint is to get crunk in your ride and just chill on the block.
"we gonna go hard in the paint"
by Chris February 21, 2003
Abbreviation for men seeking men in an online chat room.
Chat room name Chicago m4m.
by Chris September 11, 2003
Claim to fight for your Civil rights, but want to take away your guns and hate christians and republicans...
The ACLU is a bunch if liberal hypocrites
by Chris February 25, 2005
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