1 definition by Chris, the semi-popular 9th grader that attends Carol High school

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A japanese card game that arrived in america in 2001. An ok game, just people who get too obsessed with it are sad. I myself liked it when I was in 6th grade, but then thought it was sorta dumb and a waste of money (as was pokemon). So I spent a total of about $250 on yugioh cards for no reason and I still have them since I don't have an ebay account or paypal/credit card.
I used to like yu-gi-oh, but then I hit puberty and got a bigger penis and thought it was sorta dumb.

David: "Curtis you have to tribute!"
Curtis: "No you don't, I can set!"
David: "Your a gay loser faggot wannabe"
Curtis: "No you are"
David: "No you are"
Chris (me): "Shut the fuck up both of you, grow some balls and play other things, get a life, your social lives are pathetic. Either that or go kill yourselves."

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