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Shows only retards and gays watch
disney channel is sooooooooooo lame... "kids just like you"
yeah right,how many kids out there:
1. Live in a 5 star hotel
2. Are physic
3. Get to live in the white house'
4. are from the year 2121
5. some country singer, that hid the truth from her friends
i know there are tons more, but i hate them. they can't even show ads that dont show their lame ass shows. The fact everyone is happy is quite disturbing..
ALSO their shows have NO PLOT or their production codes are fucked up. Take Lizzie Mc Gurie, The show begain over a lame IM rumor, then it ended on some dumb kiddie show ..

see a "show" needs a plot, so meaning the show will begain with a introduction, and the end can be with changes in the family, a guy starting to date a girl or something... NOT some lame ass ramdom plot.

and WTF is worng with "oh my god" its not like your saying gods name in vain

disney channel NEEDS to change their ways.... BIG TIME
by Chris Gonzales April 27, 2007

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