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is sometimes shy and gets offended easily has big boobs and even bigger ass,she never betrays people. Shes a wonderfull kisser and she is very seducive. She is amazing in bed. She has amazing talents!! She will be very succesful when she grows up. The most amazing girl you will ever meet,She loves to read, and is very smart , people usually use her for her smarts shes extremely funny, and always has something to say, or tell people. Shes pretty inside and out,when shes with someone she is very loyal and they are not flirts and they stick with their partners and they dont cheat she has many friends but is more of a listener than a speaker.
GUY 1: i would tap ariana all day and night, shes so beautiful!
GUY 2: i know right, i wish she could take a look at me!!
by ChriIiIs November 01, 2013
Nickname for the popular Japanese band, Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Created by the Japanese as a nickname since when you say "Asian Kung", it sounds like Ajikan. This was then used as their nickname.
#1: Have you seen the new Blackout PV by Ajikan?
#2: Who is Ajikan?
#1: Oh, it's Asian Kung-Fu Generation.
#2: Haha, where'd you pick that up from?
#1: Some dude named Chris defined it at Urbandictionary.com.
by Chriiiis August 22, 2005
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