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An alien race in Star Trek. Vulcans look like humans with pointy ears and more pointy or long eyebrows. Vulcans live up to 200 years before dying. if you've ever watched Star Trek Enterprise or Star Trek The Next Generation, you'd probably notice that Vulcans show no emotion, when really they show emotion in other ways.
Vulcans look like tall elves.
by Chowderz May 14, 2011
what you are on right now (unless, of course, you're on an iPhone/iPad)
Guy 1: i went on urbandictionary.com today because i felt like looking up random shit.

guy 2: what did you look up?

guy 1: computer.
by Chowderz March 05, 2011
What most americans are. Some who is AI may do any of the following:

1. use "gay" as a general insult.

2.tlkz lik dis on de intrntz.

3. lack basic school knowledge (i met a guy on the internet who didn't know what a compound word is.)

4. hate on famous people (like Justin Beiber) ot of jealousy.

a good place to find peoplet that are AI is Youtube, just look at the comments.
I can't believe i used to be Americanically Ignorant.
by Chowderz March 30, 2011
the scariest little bug i've ever seen. spider are 8-legged arachnids that use spider silk (that comes out of their ass) in a variety of ways, depending on the species. most spiders spin webs with their silk to catch innocent insects and use their vampire-like fangs to inject paralyzer venom into their prey, then devour its insides like a monster. it also seems that spiders TRY to look as freaky as possible (large, bulging eggsack sitting on its ass; showing its large eyes and fangs to you) so that they can scary the crap out of you, then make a spider-home, lay some eggs, and create more scary-as-crap creatures. in my opinion, even the smallest spider is scary as hell.
tiny spider: *climbs on my shoulder* hallo dere.

by Chowderz February 28, 2011
many people say things like "justin beiber iz soooo gay lolz!" but really, there's nothing "gay" about him. notice how EVERY SONG HE WRITES IS ABOUT GIRLS.

apparently his "girl voice" turns him into this gaywad fag when really the people that call him that are just jealous becuase he's more successful than them.

however, there is hope, becuase as of recently he's cut his hair and he no longer sounds like a girl.
retard: justin beiber is so gay lololol!

me: go fuck yourself. he's no more gay than you are not jealous. *punches retard is the face, cuts open his balls and burns his body*
by Chowderz February 18, 2011

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