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ManningsArmy was one of the great NFL message board posers. For years, people on Colts messageboards debated over whether he was a Colts fan who was simply a pessimist (and afraid of the Pats), or was actually a Pats fan. It was a closely guarded secret that he was in fact the legendary troll PatsR.
A quote by Manningsarmy: "I get loose stools just thinking about what will happen when my Colts have to face those pesky Patriots once again."
#patsr #new england patriots #genius #indianapolis colts #indystar colts forum
by ChowdaHead August 06, 2007
When you can't recall what you have done the night/day before because you had too much Captian Morgan's to drink.
You don't remember that we booked a trip to the Super Bowl last night? You must have capnesia.
#amnesia #captain #forget #black out #drunk
by Chowdahead December 14, 2014
Boston definition of chowder
You wana jump in the cah and go grab some clam chowda?
#clam chowder #chowda #boston #cah #wicked
by chowdahead August 06, 2012
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