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1. Between 5 and 7.
2. Blossom's friend from the TV show Blossom.
1. That's the 6th time I done this!
2. Six is the worst character on Blossom.
by ChoujinkiMetalder April 23, 2005
AKA Kole Weathers. The crystal chick from Teen Titans. She was killed by one of the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 while trying to protect Earth-2 Robin and Earth-2 Huntress.
Now you all know who Kole REALLY is, if you read the Teen Titans comic books and watched the Teen Titans cartoon show.
by ChoujinkiMetalder October 19, 2007
A company that they do a terrible job dubbing Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin, etc.
I hope FUNimation doesn't screw up some more animes anymore...
by ChoujinkiMetalder June 02, 2005
Japanese's short term for "animation". Widely popular in the world. They have big eyes, pointy chin, and cool hair. Age ranges varies from All Ages (Hana no Ko LunLun, GeGeGe no Kitarou) to ages 8 and up (Yu-gi-oh, Dragonball), to Teens (Evangelion, Gundam), to Mature Audiences (Gungrave, Cutey Honey (1994 Version)).
Did you watch that anime called Naruto last night?
by ChoujinkiMetalder October 02, 2006
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