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1. 7th letter of the alphabet
2. Short for gangster
3. 1 thousand
1. The next letter is G.
2. Whassup now, homey? Ain't nothin' but a G thing?
3. I said 3 grands for 3 minutes, and you pinned in two!
by ChoujinkiMetalder April 02, 2005
1. Exhaust
2. Feces
1. I'm pooped. *sigh*
2. I have to go poop.
by ChoujinkiMetalder August 15, 2005
1. A type of bread
2. Megaman's baby sister
1. Pass the roll, please.
2. My favorite character in Marvel vs. Capcom is Roll.
by ChoujinkiMetalder July 05, 2005
A syndrome where a guy is always been attracted to girls.
Dude #1: Did you see that? That guy has Archie Syndrome..
Dude #2: He's always been distracted by girls.
by ChoujinkiMetalder December 07, 2006
Sony's first portable game system. It's like a GBA, iPod, VideoNow Color, Electronic Photo Album, and Internet all in one!
Buy a PSP and live with it! Unlike GBA, PSP has everything you want!
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 18, 2006
1. Art supplies look like chalks, except you don't use it on blackboards.
2. Best video game babe ever. She is from the game TwinBee.
1. We take this pastel, and color your drawing with it.
2. Pastel is the hottest video game babe ever.
by ChoujinkiMetalder June 17, 2005
The best WWE diva in the mid-90's who managed The Bodydonnas, Faarooq, and Legion of Doom in 1999.
Sunny is the hottest of the WWE back in mid 1990's..
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 25, 2005

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