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Literally means "what, you" in coloquial bengali, in the context of "whuttup". Used with specific over-exageration of English pronounciation for a humourous effect.
A: "Yo..."
B: "Kitah beh..."
A: Heh... not much.
by Chorna May 07, 2006
Literally means "understand, did" and used in informal context to verify if someone understood you. Pronounced (for humours effect) "boo'chose-knee"
A: I missed the bus.
B: Why?
A: Because the driver was retarded and didn't wait for me - buchos ni?


A: I'm gonna be late, buchos ni?
B: Heh... alright.
by Chorna May 07, 2006
Hindi/Bengali for "fire". Used in replacement of English equivilent for humourous effect. Emphasise the "Goon" for full effect
A: Haha... that was funny, man.
B: Oh man... I'm on agoon tonight.
by Chorna May 07, 2006
Your housemate. In kind with noobie/newbie (a new comer to something); matey/matie (a friend) et al.
My Housie is a Newbie.
by Chorna January 02, 2007

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