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A group of overweight people.
A herd of extra large persons.
I was trying to get from one side of the mall quickly but I was slowed down by a large herd of fattle.

I was almost crushed by a stampede of fattle when the store opened it's doors on black Friday!
by Chopswood November 20, 2010
When you are in a relaxed state and someone disturbs you.
I was completely chillaxed when Denise burst into the room all upset over something stupid. I called her a chillax murderer.
by Chopswood November 20, 2010
One who has entered one or more booty pageants and was judged and crowned the winner.
I'll have you know I was a booty queen in my younger days.

Basil: Janelle has won tons of pageants!
Tonya: Yeah she's a real booty queen!

Miss Assachusetts was a prime example of a booty queen.
by chopswood January 09, 2011
Where celebrities babies wait to be born.
As Angelina Jolie sat in the green room waiting to go on the late late show with Craig Ferguson her unborn baby waited in the green womb.
by chopswood January 09, 2011
The winner of the Miss Assmerica pageant. The Miss Assmerica pageant is held to determine which contestant has the best posterior and will be crowned Miss Assmerica.
Here she comes, Miss Assmerica!

Oh baby, you should definately enter the Miss Assmerica pageant!

This years Miss Assmerica was stripped of her crown today in light of several allegations that she has not shown her booty to anyone public or private in months.
by chopswood January 09, 2011
The wheezy, gurgling sound made by trying to, or actually coughing up nasty mucus from ones lungs.
Julie had such a severe cough the hills were alive with the sound of mucus.

Brenda: Dan, let's watch my favorite movie!
Dan: Oh God no, not "the sound of mucus: again!

Lyrics: The hills are alive with the sound of mucus!
by chopswood January 09, 2011
The Capital of Assachusetts.
Boston Assachusetts is a great place to eat beans!

Boston Assachusetts drivers are the most curteous and friendly in the nation.

I love living in Boston Assachusetts because the state abbreviation is ASS!
by chopswood January 09, 2011

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