3 definitions by Chops wood

Thanksgiving dinner predominantly attended by, or created by gay people.
Are you going to your parents for Thanksgiving? No, I'm going to Alice's for Thanksgayving!
by Chops wood November 23, 2010
Begining to have, or having an erection at the most inopportune moment. Wrong or incorrect time to have an erection. Unexpected erection.
Dude, I was getting a chubby for no reason today while my boss was talking to me in his office! It was totally errboneous!
by Chops wood November 23, 2010
The annoying lines left on a windshield from faulty wipers.
Oh no, I have a bad case of wiper stripes. I have to change those crappy wipers or I'm going to have dirty wiper stripes all Winter!
by Chops wood November 23, 2010

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