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The act of watching the Jerry Springer (or other funny, yet tragic) show to feel better about yourself.
Buddy: Why do you look so happy, you have a sausage gut and you just found out your girlfriend was cheating on you with all your friends.

Guy: At least I was smart enough to use a jimmy-hat and dumped her ass before she got preggo with a bastard child. And, things could be worse. I could be stuck in a love triangle with a gay midget and a tranny Hulk Hogan lookalike.

Buddy: Somebody's been getting his Jerry Springer therapy...

Guy: Works wonders...
#jerry #springer #therapy #tragic #empowering
by Chonch Monkey January 07, 2011
When you reach the level of fatness that your stomach starts to take on the same firm-yet-lumpy consistency of a cooked sausage.

The stage somewhere between a muffin top and losing Cheetos between your rolls.

Reference: Jurassic 5 - Sausage Gut
Person1: Check this out, my sausage gut is starting to mature. When I squeeze my rolls they're all firm and lumpy. If I keep it up with the eating contests, cheeze whiz snorkel, and twinkie sepository diet, I'll make it on The Biggest Loser in no time.

Person2: ::ralf::
#fatso #pork rinder #fat fuck #obese #fattie #peasywease
by Chonch Monkey January 07, 2011
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