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Acronym for "Lord of the Rings" referring to the famous book and/or movie by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tom Bombadil is the coolest character in lotr.
by Chombonaut January 31, 2003
An exclemation stating an aknowledgement or understanding. Spoken when informed about something.
Derived from German.
Grubi: No, YOU were supposed to bring the weed today.
Harry: Achso, shit.
by Chombonaut January 31, 2003
Down playing. Stating something is not as bad/extreme as assumed or as a counter-argument.
Honk: Omfg, this map is so difficult!
Chrille: Ah, Schnickschnack. I own you.
by Chombonaut January 31, 2003
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