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3 definitions by Choirgirl

someone who as soon as they see that you are about to show your skill or intelligence in any way, shape, or form, takes over before you do to show theirs, so that everyone will "see" how much "better" they are
"Dude, is that Taylor using Keith's board to do a 360 in the foyer just so Carrie can see?"
"Ha! Yeah, that punk is such a thunderthief."
"Total showgart."
by choirgirl August 13, 2008
(noun) a fake purpose designed to remove an undesirable individual from your presence; can be disguised as a favor, a request for an item, a directive, an errand, a request to verify information, etc.; old and effective device used in office politics
Pepe: Hey Dave, where's Mac?

Dave: (snickers) I gave him a furpose

Pepe: Oh, he's out at the hardware store getting duct tape again?

Dave: You got it, Pepe!

Pepe: Can I send him out for WD-40 next time?

Dave: Why suuuuuuuuuuuuure!
by choirgirl August 20, 2009
Someone who goes to church for NO other reason than to find a date, mate, significant other, or spouse; this person will often church-hop, because the minute they see there aren't any "interesting possibilities" they RUN out in the middle of the last hymn; this person makes sure to never give their full name, give nothing that would enable the church to contact them; usually slathered in perfume or cologne as the case may be
Denise: Hey Lisa, what happened to that cute blonde guy who came in here last month?

Lisa: The tall one? He'd been coming in for about three Sundays but he disappeared.

In unison: CHURCHMACKER! Hahahahahaha!
by Choirgirl May 07, 2008