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6 definitions by Choey

"Triple A." An identification describing the size of a battery.
My remote control requires two AAA batteries.
by choey January 18, 2004
144 86
(n.): principle, postulate. A recognized law. Some car brand; looks nice.
Axiom of Extensionality
by choey January 18, 2004
34 19
Verb - The act of sexually or morally degrading members of the same sex. Also can apply to sexually or morally degrading one's self.
"Bill killed Troy with only probes... Troy totally got joached."

"Damn it! I joached myself right up my urethra."
by Choey March 24, 2005
15 6
(n.): the foot of a bear. Often indicates a big foot. A misspelling of barefoot.
That guy has a bearfoot; kill him.
by choey January 18, 2004
6 5
(n.): shit from a bull. An untrue, unappreciative, or distrustful action/speech.
(v.): to lie or do bad unto another.
(n.): I can't believe this... this is BULLSHIT!!!
(v.): Don't bullshit me.
by choey January 18, 2004
13 17
(n.): a type of food that is produced by breaking roasted peanuts into smaller particles that eventually become creamy. This is often used to torture people by pasting into one's buttcrack and letting a dog lick it up.
Help! My name is Julian P.; I'm being held against my will and a dog is licking my ass.
by choey January 18, 2004
15 35