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amazingly amazing, insanely hot, so fucking crazy, beautifully glorious

can be used to describe a person, place, party, or action
"diana is off the ricta"
"yeah shes amazing"

"on the ricta scale i give her a 10!"

"yeah that sex was totaly off the fuckin ricta"
"fo reel?"
"yeah dude, you wish you got some dont you?"
by chocolate December 12, 2004
Similar to a Dirty Sanchez. It is when a man is doing a woman (or another man, egads) in the ass, and the woman contorts herself so as to reach around into the man's asshole, extract a poo finger, and wipe the finger clean on the
man's upper lip.
Rhonda didn't like the way her boss was ass-fucking her, so she reached
around and gave him a dirty boota.
by Chocolate December 13, 2004
A computer nerd whos grammaticly errors have earned him his own language called pokish. The great and unique Pokeon is very defensive of his name adn goes into a full out rant if not called Poke, Pokeon,Zero poke, or Pokey.
"The name is Poke, zero poke. STOP POKING ME!"
by Chocolate November 19, 2004
Funny wunny interesting lip. UGLY! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww dont touch me!
A dislexic walks into a bra.
by Chocolate June 16, 2003
someone who uses laxatives and likes to fuck... another phrase would be shitty shitty buzz buzz... someone use takes laxatives and always uses their vibrator
oh that girl is a shitty shitty buzz buzz
by chocolate August 14, 2004
- Chester Bennington's bitch. Bitch, I tell you.
Mike: "I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there... "
by chocolate November 21, 2004

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