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Kind of like DIY - Do it yourself, but when you do a really shit job, and don't use the right equipment or material.
Your mate has just cut a large hole in the bonnet of his car for "air intake".
You would say:
"what a rangi cunt" or
"shit that intake job is rangi"
by ChoW-MeiN June 01, 2004
omg - Oh my god
bs - Bull shit
hax (h4x) - to hack into something, or to be able to do something that someone cannot understand.
you are playing your fav multiplayer shoot-em-up, you've just gone around a corner, and then your friend blows the fuck out of your head without you even seing him. You would then shout "What the fuck bull shit hax!"
by ChoW-MeiN June 01, 2004

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