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2 definitions by Chjodam

That crazy gullable girl in your AP European History Class. Also anything that just doesnt' make sense.
Rob Jackson is such a hovestol all he ever does is jack around and get fat F's.
by Chjodam March 10, 2005
A combination of the words yak and oompa loompa. Originally coming from watching Willy Wonka and pausing it halfway through as animal planet came on and showed a documentary on yaks. Being two and the morning and nothing better to do the word yupaloopa was created thus dawning the birth of a new insult. Mainly to be used against males with out of control facial hair, that are preferably midgets or under 5 foot 5.
1.)Look at all of those guys in the shriner circus, they have beards and are all short. What a pack of yupaloopa's!
2.)That substitute teacher in newspaper has a snaggly beard and is a real jerk about listening to the Rolling Stones. What a flippin Yupaloopa!!
by Chjodam March 18, 2005