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an adjective
This soup is good
by ChiztheWiz January 23, 2011
A precautionary black magic spell by which swagger is induced into typical white people activities. The spell is most effectively used in instances pertaining to sports and dancing. Misusage can result in jail time and getting kicked out of movie theaters. For similar black magic spells, see Africazam or smokus-tokus
Damn, homie. Ever since we cast Eminem with africa-dabra, he's been bustin' some mad rhymes up in this bitch.
by ChiztheWiz January 17, 2011
The culinary taste sensation arisen from the aftermath of a good high: AKA "the munchies", that results in the conclusion that ziti contains a divine splendor of which no other food comprises. This coincides with a yearning to savor the taste, for which doesn't present much of an issue because you will more than likely have a strenuous time masticating. Baked ziti is often ingested with brownies, but is not limited by or exclusive to.
This baked ziti was truly crafted by the gods themselves. It's like a never-ending orgasm in my mouth.
by ChiztheWiz January 23, 2011

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