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4 definitions by Chives42

A creep, who's negative.
I'm a negative creep.
I'm a negative creep.
I'm a negative creep.
And i'm stoned.
by chives42 September 26, 2007
Good Nirvana Song. It's a song off With The Lights Out.
I like D-7. I need 20 letters so...
by Chives42 October 24, 2007
When a bunch of songs in an album start sounding the same. Like how The Strokes do a lot.
Stadium Arcadium has a lot of strokeular songs.
by chives42 September 22, 2007
1337 day.

3/13/37=31337 or Elite.

So we gotta wait 20 years for 1337 day.
3/13/37 is 1337 day.
by Chives42 December 08, 2007