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A housing project that was on the near north side of Chicago. Near the gold coast and lincoln park the richesr neighborhoods in the city. Ghetto as hell and right across the street from million dollar condos
Guy #1: "Hey lets go by Cabrini Green it's always wild over there...we could get some weed"

Guy #2: "Hell nah! That place is ghetto as hell. Besides the Candyman lives there"
by Chitownfool July 10, 2008
a pumpkin head deluxe is when you beat the shit out of somebody so bad till there face and head is so swolen that there it looks like a rotting pumpkin
"Man that niga keeps on violating the rueles of our set we gona half to give him a pumpkin head deluxe to show him whats good"
by chitownfool March 20, 2008
A hundred pack is $1000 worth of crack. It is a hundred ten dollar bags of crack. A higher up drug dealer usaly gives his men on the street a hunderd pack every moring and in the evening he picks up $1000.
Gang Leader: "Yo nigga you got that 1000?"

Crack Dealer: "Nigga what?"

Gang Leader: "Nigga don't fuck wit me! You know I drop off a hundred pack every morning. I aint playen no games nigga!"

Crack Dealer: "Well you see...."
by Chitownfool July 01, 2008
to stooze is when you get a credit card with a 0% introductory rate (for usaly 6-18 months). Then you take the balance and put it in a high intrest bank account till the the 0% rate is up and then pay the balance back and keep the interest you made.
ed: "Yo I just made $2,500 off of HSBC"
Bill: "How'd you do that?"
Ed: " I stoozed them nigaz"
by Chitownfool February 14, 2008

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