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Used to describe a person who stands in the checkout queue while sending their friends/children (ergo: satellites)to get the items they wish to purchase.
I couldn't believe that bitch with the three friends stood in front of me in the checkout line, while they went off and brought back all the things she wanted to buy. So rude!
by Chiron DeMolis January 08, 2005
This is the abbreviation used in place of WWW when giving someone a web address.
OK, that web site is at:
triple-u dot urbandictionary dot com.
by Chiron DeMolis January 08, 2005
To Be "a Trish" is to be described as a acting in an immature fashion most likely less than your age would indicate you should be. Normally used in relation to a woman or feminine male who behaves in a scatter-brained fashion but who is always in the peak of fashion and trend setting.
"I really don't get along with Greg anymore, he's become such a Trish since he made the money."
by Chiron DeMolis January 08, 2005

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