2 definitions by Chips0108

The abbreviation for the dog "Golden Retriever."

Typically very loving, intelligent, and adorable. Great around kids, loves water, and sometimes greets people with shoes in their mouths. Makes small grunting sounds when happy.
Did you see that Nolden in that dog show? She was gorgeous!
by Chips0108 November 02, 2010
The distinct sound most miniature poodles make. A croaking sort of sound, almost as if they are literally saying the word "marm." When they make this sound, it means they are very happy and content. Also known as the poodle version of purring.
A: "What's that sound your poodle is making?"
B: "Oh, she's just marming. It means she's happy."
by Chips0108 November 03, 2010

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