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(abbrev. Knights of the Round Ball)

An exclusive internet forum that splintered from the SBS World Game forum, due to what a disaffected few perceived as a deteriorating medium for football discourse. Membership is through invitation only. KORB status is also seen as a privilege and forumites may be blackballed or banned.

The KORB has been criticized by remaining TWG forumites for being somewhat elitist. It is however, generally agreed by both parties that the forum did take a turn for the worse after the Football World Cup in 2006, when an influx of JCLs started tedius threads about A-league crowds and inflammatory posts directed at n00bie Italians regarding the now infamous "Grosso dive".

The current active status of the forum is unknown, pending an invite to this author, however it is widely believed that KORB members browse the TWG forum under different pseudonyms.
Forumite 1: Anyone seen Ionio lately?
Forumite 2: Probably got invited to the KORB.
Forumite 1: Ionio? Geezus, they must be getting desperate.
by Chips Raffervic December 22, 2006

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