4 definitions by Chip Whitley

Instant hardon leading to blowing your load all over the nice woman's black dress.
I'd show you that I can do a handstand, but my skirt is short and I have no panties on.


Oh shit, I just blew on myself!
by Chip Whitley August 13, 2004
Some Colombian coke dealer that lives in DeForest, Wisconsin on Scott Drive. Has a side-job as a DJ. His license plate reads "DJRUMBA".
Hey, mang, I'm DJ Rumba! Wanna buy some Grade-A Colombian gold?
by Chip Whitley August 13, 2004
its a game i created its a mix of football and uhhhhhhh skitball heh
dem bitches be playin some muthafuckin footskitball
by chip whitley December 01, 2004
Super-intelligent gerbil/hamster halfbreeds that will one day enslave the human race and eat our babies. They are conveniently hidden within the bodies of sailors. They like buttsecks.
OH SNAP! IT'S A FREAKIN' GERBSTER! HIDE THA BABIEZ!!!11one!!1shift+1!!shift+one11111111111
by Chip Whitley August 13, 2004

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