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4 definitions by Chinky

A dance that requires much skill and power. when done correctley it looks extremley awe-inspiring. only haterz make fun of breakdancing because they can't do it themselves.
"Damn look at that guy breakdance!"
by Chinky November 27, 2004
A lady who is sexually aroused upon touch
The bird i stuck it in last night was wetter than an otter's pocket
by Chinky March 27, 2004
after ejaculation and not all of it is out and you ignore it, then it dries over the hole.
Mike Southwood tried to pee one morning but he could not because he was cumclogged
by chinky January 22, 2004
slang term, another world and cooler way to say obiously. Origins: created by a person's obsession for another person.
"yo, that ahbiously ain't right man"
by Chinky December 15, 2003