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A guy with crazy micro.
strifecro > micro
by ching chong June 02, 2003
the name of the coolest man alive DUH!!!!!
bitch:do you know Kevman?
another bitch:yes hes so fine he blows my mind
by ching chong January 16, 2005
synonym for nigga as used for a greeting
sup blaht
sup blahhhhh
by ching chong February 25, 2005
someone who watches and waits in the same water near two lovers fucking and eventually may retrieve some sperm through water transportation. This person proceeds on to beat off to this event below the rapids.
Yo Ryan watched Amber fuck in the Lehigh, he was in the fuckin water what a river horse. -T.C.
by Ching Chong February 28, 2005
sexiest girl
by Ching Chong June 29, 2003
when a guy takes his dick and puts it between a thick books pages and closes it and then proceedes on to jerk himself off by moving the book up and down and then finishes by blowing his load in the pages.
Yo i recomened after you complete the bookworm to return that book to the library you fuck.
by Ching Chong March 04, 2005

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