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When you need new ideas so you can "climax" during masturbation.
My best friend told me she needed some masturbatory inspiration because she got tired of thinking about the same things when she was masturbating. She couldn't "get off" anymore thinking about the same things over and over again.
#masturbation #orgasm #inspiration #climax #sex
by ChineseGoddess March 23, 2009
When someone takes a lot longer than the time they said. A football game consists of four, 15-minute quarters but because the clock stops a lot, the game is a lot longer than 45 minutes. So when someone tells you they'll be 20 minutes, it's 20 minutes football time.
Bob: Jim said he was going to be 20 minutes before he shows up.
Bill: Yeah but, he works in football time so he'll be about 40 minutes.
#football #time #late #waiting #annoying
by ChineseGoddess August 28, 2010
When a man has had a hair transplant.
Looks like Bob had some crop rotation done.
#crop #rotation #hair #transplant #follicle
by ChineseGoddess December 13, 2008
When a TV show or movie can be instantly streamed to your TV via Netflix.
Not all movies and TV shows are streamable. They really should change that.
#stream #instant #movie #tv show #netflix
by ChineseGoddess November 24, 2010
Someone that tries to add all of your friends on your MySpace/Facebook friends after you add them on your friends list.
After I added Candace to my friends list, she added a bunch of people from my friends list, so now we have a bunch of mutual friends. She's a friend stalker.
#stalk #steal #add #request #friends
by ChineseGoddess June 15, 2010
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