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Something that looks like glasses lenses that you give to somebody who broke their glasses but is blindly searching for their lenses.
Guy 1: *FALLS ON THE FLOOR* "Dude, my glasses just broke, where are my lenses?"

Guy 2: *Picks up some snow* "Here you go, I found your lenses"

Guy 1: "Thanks man!"

Guy 2: "Just kidding, those are Byoungchul Lenses."

Guy 1: "Screw you."
#lenses #glasses #byoungchul #fake #blindman
by Chinamaninnewyork January 24, 2011
Being as quick,efficient, and productive as a Chinese factory worker.

Also a ratio of the number of other workers equaling a chinese worker.
White Worker:Chinese Worker 50:1
Mexican Worker:Chinese Worker 10:1
"I'm done with my homework already."
"Wow, you got Chinese Efficiency!"

"Hey I heard that 50 white workers got fired for 1 chinese worker."

"Are you done with your homework?"
White Guy: "No, I'm watching T.V"
Black Guy: "No, I'm doing crack, being a bad boy"
Mexican: "No, I'm eating beans and practicing border jumping skills"
Chinese guy: "OFCOURSE!!"
#chinese #efficiency #quick #productive #workers
by Chinamaninnewyork January 24, 2011
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