6 definitions by Chim Ridgles

A sexual position where the women is riding a man during intercourse, and right before the man has an orgasm he yells "This is Spartaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" and kicks the women off the bed.
"After seeing the movie 300, I gave my wife a Spartan"
by Chim Ridgles March 24, 2007
When someone rubs their fist between their butt cheeks, and then punches someone in the face.
"He was talking shit, so I gave him a Dirty Sean Penn to the mouth"
by Chim Ridgles May 21, 2008
When a man is recieving oral sex from a women, and right before ejaculation, the man pulls the women's head off of his penis, knees her in the face, then masturbates all over her.
"I gave the bitch a Vanilla Dome, then she died."
by Chim Ridgles March 20, 2007
When a man is having sex with a women from behind, and swings an axe into the back of women's head right before an orgasm.
"I'm going to go home and give my wife a Lumberjack Slam, then throw her body into a trash can."
by Chim Ridgles March 20, 2007
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