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1 definition by Chilleazy

An individual who smokes or consumes marijuana habitually and ritualistically. Stoner and Pothead are often conflated in everyday discourse, but the two words are actually very different in meaning.

Pothead is a derogatory term used to describe one who is essentially addicted to, and obsessed with, marijuana. This dependence manifests in their appearance, thought processes, behaviors, and speech.

A Stoner, however, is one who defies the "prototypical" wastrel image proposed by mainstream society. These individuals enjoy cannabis on a daily basis, but are clandestine about its use, maintaining this sense of secrecy because of the stigma attached by the hegemonic majority.

These individuals cherish the time and money spent enjoying their holy herb, and will partake in its use with a complete stranger, recognizing a certain, universal connection between Stoners. A relaxation of mind and spirit seems to typify the Stoner; consequently, they unanimously hold an appreciation for ethereal and abstract ideologies. They are generally warm-hearted, introspective, and viscerally imaginative.

One primary misconception is that the Stoner is unintelligent and lazy. While this characterization might be appropriate for a Pothead, Stoners are a stark contrast. There is no doubt that they are predominantly Type B personalities, but such qualities that supposedly suggest “laziness” are merely a testament to their innate ability. The ease with which the Stoner skates through school, classes, and the cognitive tasks of everyday life, despite continuous intoxication, suggests a very high intelligence. In fact, many Stoners can be classified as gifted underachievers: that is, students who perform very well on standardized testing (ie; SATs, ACTs, GREs) but fail to perform to their potential in the academic arena.

Despite their noncompetitive natures and tranquil demeanors, Stoners care deeply about a handful of personal, core values. They will not openly express their innermost beliefs readily, but when they do, their code of ethics is almost always virtuous. They are nonconformists of thought and idea, and as so, choose creative outlets for their renderings. They may not adhere to the hegemonic script of society, but eventually they will find success, and find happiness, unlike “the mass of men.”
Stoner 1: Dude, wanna skip French class and light up?

Stoner 2: Sure man. I mean, I got like a 91 on the last test, so I can just chill till midterms.

Stoner 1: Sick man, we'll take the backroads and listen to Biggie.

Stoner 2: WORD
by Chilleazy February 25, 2009