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GEIL (Guy-el)
The best colloquial word ever established by the German language. It has slowly assimilated itself into English speaking culture, particularly the Southeast of America. These cities such as: Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Chattanooga the word 'GEIL' is used frequently and interchangeably between the people whom reside there.

Simple in Context:

Im so Geil! (Fucked up)
Wanna get Geil? (Wanna get wasted/fucked up/nutty/lit..etc)
She's fucking Geil! (She is hot and DTF)
Brad, im so fucking GEIL!

Hey Chad, you down to get GEIL tonight?

Hey is that Wendy Brown over there by the bartop? Yea, it is chad. Damn, she's GEIL.
by Chillchadbradrazz69 February 09, 2010

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