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(n.) The unforeseen and unnatural rush of blood to the capillaries in the nether regions of men after seeing Snorgtees models on internet advertisements...especially the one wearing the T-shirt that says "Bacon makes everything better."
"Yes I would like to stand up and write something on the whiteboard, but I just got a Bacoboner from that hot Snorgtees chick in a pop up ad on my laptop. I am currently thinking about my aunt playing naked baseball and should be OK in about 5 minutes."
by ChillUpMyLeg February 12, 2010
(v) The act of intentionally blocking another user from viewing one's Facebook profile, pictures, or other details due to that user's disagreeable worldview, stalking tendencies, and/or criminal insanity.
I have been Faceblocking my ex girlfriend from Japan because she is just loco.
by ChillUpMyLeg February 05, 2010
(v.) The act of finishing one's thought on a Facebook profile status update with a subsequent comment to onself, due to the limited character spaces allowed.
The Facebook profile update thingy only let me insert 420 characters in the box!!! But I have more to say. Now I have to Masturcommentate by posting another comment TO MYSELF in order to finish the thought that I started.
by ChillUpMyLeg February 12, 2010
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