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Can be short for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, which are the best kind of motorcycles because Yamaha's and Suzuki's are thin things of shitty plastic on wheels.

Can also be the most amazing guy ever, who loves to joke around, is the sweetest guy ever, at times can be a bit clingy but if you just ask for some space he generally will give you that space. He can be very generous, a tad bit emo-ish, likes to draw when he's bored, his room is very neat and clean minus MAYBE a few things laying around and a non-made bed sometimes, and his bed is also very comfy but his room is usually seen as clean and organized. He loves his screamo, death metal, and pretty much any kind of genre of music that has "metal" in it. He's also in his own band w/his friends, and they are a screamo/death metal band surprised? i think not! He's a little on the chubby side, but truely, he's not fat or really chubby. He's FLUFFY! he can be quite lazy, but if you bug him enough or ask him nicely or bribe him he will usually get off his ass...usually...
But, he's still just the cutest, amazing guy ever. Also, he's very chill, but can be hyper too. He also enjoys skateboarding

If you get a Harley, or know a Harley, and just get to know him, I'm sure you'll also see how awsome he is :)
Harley, get off your fat lazy ass." "How many times do i have to tell you?!!?! im NOT fat! I'm FLUFFY! and why should get off my fluffy lazy ass?" "Cuz I said so...and if you don't your not gettin' none tonight" "damn...fiiiiine..i'll get up....
by Chill Phil Mill Dill June 17, 2010

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