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Absolute PLEASURE in every sense of the word.
Hedonism should be practiced by all!
by chill August 25, 2004
what is tondy? tondy is the love of the game and the spirit of the hunt, tondy is never giving up and having fun to the max, tondy is the little thing inside all of us that is sweet and nice
let's tondy
by chill June 07, 2004
A term used for the genitalia of a man of asian descent.
WOAH! Thats one small rabba!
by Chill December 01, 2004
a jew bastard with to much time on his hands.
Paul is a real sniperz
by Chill May 05, 2003
When the call on your cell gets dropped- When it cuts you off and it really pisses you off, the call got chopped.
I was on my cell learnin where my ho was when the call got chopped.
by Chill June 01, 2004
To mess something up. To fuck it up. To fail at a task miserably.
I was working on my thing and ganked it all up.
You ass....I can't believe you ganked it up.
by Chill January 14, 2005

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