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The greatest and most untouched band of the modern music scene combining a funky sound with rap and also rock. The current members Anthony kiedis (Vocals), Michael Balzary or Flea(Bass), John Frusciante(Guitar) and Chad Smith(Drums) have graced the world with such awesome music as can be seen on stadium arcadium, Blood sugar sex magik, and others like By The Way and Californication. The line up has changed many times since they first formed but the music has always been an ingenius work of art.
Dude 1 : Hey guess who i got tickets to see live in concert
Dude 2 : Who man?
Dude 1 : The Red Hot Chili Peppers!!
Dude 2 : No Way!! Uve got tickets to see the greatest band of our time!!!
by Chilis Biggest Fan August 22, 2006
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