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An ethnic slur for a person that is used primarily for an Italian. However, other Euro-Latin countries such as Spain and Portugal can be used as well.
Hell, with that dark skin of yours, you could be a dago.
by Chile3000 June 10, 2005
The origins of this word goes back to an episode of Comedy Central's South Park. In the episode depicting tolerance in the aptly named Museum of Tolerance, the boys find what appears to be a sterotypical Mexican sleeping on the job in wax form. However, they accidentally rouse him. This is where the word is born. He says, "Isotired buay". It was started by I in its informal manner when I said my friend was always sotired. Since then, anyone across the whole state of Texas, Mexico, and the Continental USA uses this term.
Guy: "Hey man, you want to go see a movie tonight?"
Guy 2: "Nah man, isotired..."
by Chile3000 September 05, 2005
A series of concerts hosted worldwide for the G8 leaders to stop poverty in Africa. They were hosted in Rome, Italy; Philadelhia, USA; Hyde Park, UK; Toronto, Canada; Berlin, Germany; Moscow, Russia; and Tokyo, Japan on July 2nd, 2005.

This was brought together by Bob Geldof, the same man who organized Live Aid 20 years ago.

The purpose was to bring attention to the horrible poverty conditions in Africa where 30,000 children die a day due to cureable diseases. Geldof is also asking the G8 leaders to cancel Africa's debt and to let them decide their future, as well as raising their aid.

Popular bands such as Coldplay, Green Day, Pink Floyd, U2, Paul McCartney, Crosby Stills Nash, and Neil Young performed, as well as many other big names. Hundreds of bands performed in the largest live performance in all of human history.
For more info concerning this issue, go to live8live.com
by Chile3000 July 03, 2005
Possibly the most loved of alllllllll Sesame Street Characters. He lives in a trash can and even injects straight heroin into his arms that he gets from his supplier, commonly called "Big Bird". He is so grouchy for a number of reasons.
"Hey you got the stuffs Big Bird?"

Not for you you cheap ass.

"Why not? You can't cut the cord so fast! Give me it!"

*"Big Bird" pulls out .45, shoots Grouch in head*
by Chile3000 June 10, 2005

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