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Newstead Wood is the school for the "unique" and "interesting" girls who come from near and far to occupy the school.

Why? We do not know. We simply don't.

No were kidding, with such a beautifly constructed and well maintained building, who wouldnt want to go here. Specially since they added grey bars to the windows creating that stunning "prision effect." That ever school desires to have.

Not to mention the "sexy" green uniforms, with there frumpy jumpers and the, scottish kilt like, summer dresses which everyone is DYING to wear.
Unfortunetly it clashes with just about EVERY OTHER COLOUR ON EARTH!

All the year 9-11s have an unholesum wish to dye their hair ketchup red.
RANDOMER: Oh look! what is that red and green blob approaching in the distance? Will it eat us?

OTHER RANDOMER: No need to alarm its just a newsteadian from Newstead wood, and yes, it might eat us.
by Children that love your mum May 20, 2010

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