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Synonym for "irritated". As promulgated by some stupid woman in the 2009 season of American Idol
I am so iraqatated with you!
I was iragatated by that dog that barked all night long.
#irritated #annoyed #upset #bothered #angered
by Child of the Corn January 21, 2009
Euphemism for a female’s shaven labia, especially if the labia are full and plump thereby resembling a small pair of butt cheeks.

The opposite of "meat curtains" where the labia are distended or are saggy and floppy or stretched out.
Said to a nude female dancer, "Show me that mini butt! Shake your mini butt!"
Used as reference to yourself (female), "After shaving, my mini butt was so firm and smooth."
As a description, "That girl's mini butt was so tight, not like the meat curtains on my ex!"
#minibutt #hooha #vagina #labia #antonym: meat curtains
by Child of the Corn March 30, 2007
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