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Common parlance for a computer, typically with access to the Internet
How did you find that out, did you check that out on your google machine?

Sam got home and looked up his friend TIM on his google machine
by Chiguy21 December 29, 2011
A place that is filled with highly distilled gaseous clay
Man this guy's Aerostar is like fart city
by Chiguy21 December 29, 2011
Animal specialist specializing in the practice of helping goats reproduce. Worked for farmer Al Dobson
TIM Henderson used to be great with goats, but he no longer is allowed within 500 feet of one
by Chiguy21 December 29, 2011
A fake wine region of France; used to describe wine that is terrible or tastes like it was made in a garage.
This wine tastes like it came from the Gourdonne
by Chiguy21 December 29, 2011
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