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31 definitions by Chigglywiggly

A combination of the derogatory terms "emo" and "fag". Sometimes used to describe MySpace.com members.
"That guy is a freaking mofa."
by Chigglywiggly October 27, 2006
8 17
Short for "shut your fat mouth".
CrZyLdy77: omg! i just got tix to see fall out boy!1!
MUNKYchick12: no way! SYFM!!!
CrZyLdy77: no, rlly!!!!!!!!!1!
by ChigglyWiggly April 28, 2007
2 13
A bowtie made in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Eric: Hey Joe! Nice bowtie! Where did you buy it, New Orleans?

Joe: No, this is a Cincinnati bowtie.

Eric: Nice...
by Chigglywiggly January 08, 2010
488 910