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A container, often made of clay or plastic, used to hold flowers and other plants.
Please put the rhododendron in the pot. Thanks.
by Chigglywiggly October 19, 2007
When the skidmarks on your underwear dry out and start flaking off, turning into dust. It happens when people do not wipe up well after going to the bathroom, and when they do not change their underwear frequently.
I haven't changed my underwear in six weeks and now I think I'm starting to see some crust dust coming out of my pant leg.
by Chigglywiggly December 07, 2009
A cow tipper is a person who engages in the act of cow tipping (also known as cowtipping). That is, a cow tipper will go up to a sleeping cow, push on it very hard, and make it fall to the ground.
1) I want to be a cow tipper.
2) I tipped a cow, therefore I am a cow tipper.
by ChigglyWiggly September 06, 2008
A California rock band, with only one fairly (sorta kinda) popular song, Au Natural.
Ralph: Dude, no one's ever heard of Royalush.
Eric: omg dude, word.
Ralph: Right dude, right.
by Chigglywiggly January 15, 2007
The most hardcore heavy metal band of all-time, Winger is well-known as being 1000 times better than Metallica.
Trent: Hey Steve, look at this cool new Metallica CD I bought!

Steve: You idiot, Winger is better than that. I have all of their CDs.
by chigglywiggly August 16, 2010
Some might think "miloboli" (plural: milobolies) is some strange, exotic disease. It is not.

Miloboli is the combination of the Greek terms for apple (milo) and throw (boli). Although the exact meaning of miloboli is unknown, there are some theories as to what it could mean:

1. It could be a sexual innuendo, although that is not entirely clear.

2. It could be a game played in some parts of Greece or other parts of the world.

3. One source says it could really be a fancified version of the English term "mile bowl", which might be a championship game or event in some sports.
1a. Did you see that chicks milobolies?
1b. We made some hot miloboli recently.

2. I got the apples, ready to play miloboli?

3. The track runners took part in the miloboli last weekend.
by Chigglywiggly March 21, 2007
A community college, sometimes considered 13th grade by dissenters.
I went to Monroe Community College.
by Chigglywiggly April 09, 2007
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