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A community college located in Monroe County, New York. Sometimes called MCC and 13th grade (by dissenters).
I went to Monroe Community College.
by ChigglyWiggly April 28, 2007
A wonderful little town in Wayne County bordering Sodus New York, Ontario New York and Marion New York. It is on Lake Ontario, and the closest city is Rochester New York. Everyone loves Williamson.
I would much rather live in Williamson that any other town in Wayne County.
by Chigglywiggly March 21, 2007
Aldo Nova is the stage name for Aldo Caporuscio, who was born on November 13, 1956. He is Canadian musician/singer who is most popular for his two songs, "Fantasy" and "Foolin' Yourself".
Wow, I'd never heard of Aldo Nova before, but he's not too bad...
by chigglywiggly January 15, 2007
A culinary dish commonly made from ground beef pressed into a round or bread shaped dish, and cooked. It is often covered with various toppings, including ketchup and mustard. It may also contain bits of stuffing, such as that often found inside of Thanksgiving turkeys.
I want meat loaf for dinner, because it is a delicious meal.
by Chigglywiggly January 12, 2010
Gayer than gay is when something is pretty freakin' queer.

It's gayer than the Wiggles.
It's gayer than 1000 hugs in a handbag.
It's gayer than a handbag full of rainbows.
It's gayer than male hairstylists.

Oh yeah...it's gay.
Oh my gosh, Jimmy has a lifesized blow up doll of Michael Bolton.

That is gayer than gay.
by Chigglywiggly November 01, 2008
1. An ebonics term meaning "that is crazy, not right, nuts, or otherwise incorrect in some way."

2. Sometimes used in a flattering sense, sometimes meaning "that is very cool".
1. "Awwwww, shnap daw, fo rizzle. Yall lost da cash money? Das whack!"

Translation: "Oh no, friend, seriously. You lost the money? That's not right!"

2. "Woohoohoo! Yo rimz be pimpin! Mi shizzle, yo ride is off da hizook! Das whack!"

Translation: "Neato! The rims on your vehicle are swell. My friend, your vehicle is very impressive! It's superb!"
by Chigglywiggly March 21, 2007
A container, often made of clay or plastic, used to hold flowers and other plants.
Please put the rhododendron in the pot. Thanks.
by Chigglywiggly October 19, 2007

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