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2 definitions by Chiggety

"The original military term wingman defined a pilot who supports another pilot in a dangerous flying environment. Today we honor that bravery by using the same term to describe a guy who misleads someone into sleeping with you."
Man #1: Excuse me, miss?
Hottie: Yes?
Man#1: Care to dance?
Hottie: Oh, I wish I could, but i'm here with my friend, Janice.
Man #2 (wingman): Hello, Janice. My, what a fetching third chin you have. May I buy us both several, several drinks?
by Chiggety May 02, 2010
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ka·boo·mer·ang  Show Spelled kuh-boo-muh-rang


1. characterized by or proceeding from a stupid action.

2. something that comes back to bite one in the ass.
3. has the appearance of something cool, but ultimately turns out terribly for the initiator.


7. Informal. a kaboomerang.
Man#1: So, then I got so mad that lit my shirt on fire to prove he was wrong.
Man#2: And how did that work out for ya?
Man#1: ...had to go to the hospital.
Man#2: Well that sucks.
Man#1: Yeah, it was a total kaboomerang.
by Chiggety May 02, 2010
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